Sparks A Flyin Flo

Reference Horses:
  • Isle Breeze: AQHA Show H-33/P-34; ROM Halter; ROM Performance; AQHA Champion; Race SI-75/A/ROM; 7 Wins, $312; Sired: World Champion Offspring, Reserve World Champion Offspring, Superior Halter Offspring, AQHA Reserve High Point Halter Offspring, Superior Performance Offspring.
  • Docz High Noon: NCHA $1816.00/Sire of Performance Horses
  • Blackburn 27: AQHA Show H-37/P-16.5; ROM Arena
  • Docs Zimfandel: AQHA Show H-16/P-21; ROM Halter; ROM Performance; AQHA Champion; AQHA World Champion Jr Cutting; NCHA $198.70; PCCHA Futurity Champion; Sired 196 foals (AQHA); World CH Sire, Sup. Perf Sire, NCHA Get Money Earners, Perf ROM Sire, Perf Pt Earning Sire, Halter Pt Sire.
  • Miss Missle: AQHA Show H-18/P-25; ROM Halter; ROM Performance; AQHA Champion
  • Paul Easter: Registered AQHA and IBHA; National Cutting Horse Association winner of $227.87. International Buckskin Halter points 7, International Buckskin Performance points 2; 6 Grand Champion wins, 1 reserve grand champion win. 22 points AQHA Halter, 4 points Working cowhorse, 3 points Western Pleasure, 5 points Cutting, 17 points Reining, 1 point Trail.
  • Shining Spark: AQHA Hall of Fame; World Champion; ROM Performance; NRHA money-earner; World Show Qualifier; AQHA Leading Sire; NRCHA Leading Sire with $3,000,000. NRHA $3,000,000 sire; Sire of: World Champion Offspring; Reserve World Champion Offspring; Superior Performance Offspring; AQHA High Point Performance Offspring; ROM Halter Offspring; ROM Performance Offspring; NRHA Money-earners; NCHA Money-earners; World Show Qualifiers.
  • Shake Shiver N Shine: AQHA Show H-0/P-217.5; Superior Tie Down Roping; Superior Heeling; Tie Down roping (4 Wins 55 PTS); Dally Heeling (7 Wins 162.5 PTS); LTE $5,564.49; 2009 OPEN High Point Sr.; Tiedown 10th place 2009; Qualified for Sr Tiedown World Show 2009; Qualified Sr Heeling World Show 2007; Qualified Sr Heeling World Show 2006; Qualified Sr Heeling World Show 2005; Qualified Jr Heeling World Show 2005; Qualified Jr Tiedown Roping World Show.
  • Continental King: 100% Foundation; AQHA Show H-0/P-72.5; ROM Performance-Open; ROM Reining-Open; Superior Reining-Open; NRHA Hall Of Fame (1988); Reining (69.0/ROM/SUPR); WCH(2.0), & (WP 1.5) NCHA $990.34, COA; Sire of Supr.perf/ROM Arena/NCHA & NRHA money earners/Pro.Dghts. Missile Step: AQHA Race SI-95/AAA/ROM, $2,290; SIRE OF: Reserve World Champion Offspring (1), Superior Halter Offspring (2), Superior Performance Offspring (7), AQHA Champion Offspring (4), NRHA Money-earners ($2,057 total NRHA moneys earned), Race Money-earners ($21,200 total race moneys earned), ROM Performance Offspring (27) & Race ROM Offspring (24).
  • Genuine Doc: Superior Cutting; NCHA $23,922 AQHA Reserve World Champion Sr. Cutting; An All-Time Leading Cutting Sire, An All-Time Leading Reining Sire, Equi-Stat Top 15 Leading Cutting, Reining and Reined Cowhorse Maternal Grandsire, Equi-Stat NRCHA #4 Leading Sire of Sires

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